About Us

Kin & Kathy moved to South Philadelphia in the Fall of 2003 with the hope of establishing a Gospel community among working class Chinese immigrants.

They dream of an incarnational community within which the lowly would be embraced, justice and mercy would be shown, and genuine reconciliation would take place between the educated and the less educated. It is also a Christian community that live simply and give lavishly towards the needs of the world.

They named the church “New City” – praying that those who come to the church would not only embrace the temporal Philadelphia as their new city, but would also embrace Jesus – King of the New and Eternal City (Revelation 21:1-2).

Their pilgrimage in the past years has been far more daunting – yet far more rewarding – than they had ever imagined. As Kin likes to say, “God never follows your script; He always gives you a different but better one.” That better script took Kin through numerous valleys and personal crises, till he was near a complete burnout.

Yet out of the ashes, God began to mold His feeble servant into the likeness of His beloved Son, moving Kin from Martha to Mary, from activity to inactivity, from busyness to stillness, from urban mission to heart mission, from kingdom-centered prayers to Father-centered prayers, from certainty to uncertainty, and finally from grown-ups to children. It is a growth in the reverse direction as Kin shared in August 2010 on the occasion of New City Church’s 5th anniversary.

[You can find the sharing re-published in the Journal of Urban Mission.]

Today, New City Church remains a small and needy congregation; but she has also become a testament of God’s bountiful and sustaining grace. New City gathers weekly in a Chinese community clinic in South Philadelphia, worshiping in Mandarin and English, ministering the Gospel to the people within and without in Word and in deed.

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Kin was ordained to the Gospel ministry by the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) in early 2005. New City officially opened her door for worship in the summer of 2005. She just celebrated her 7th anniversary this past summer.

Before New City, Kin worked as a healthcare administrator at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Center City Philadelphia, serving the Chinese immigrant community through a federally-funded healthcare program. Kin grew up in Hong Kong and came to the US as a college student. He is a graduate of MIT (SB) and Westminster Theological Seminary (MAR and ThM).

Kathy was a pediatrician by training and once served the immigrant community through medical practice. She has since “retired” into motherhood. Kathy spends most of her time now caring for and home-schooling her three young children – Emmett (11), Alethea (9) and Theodore (6).