"The State of New City"

Dear all,

Last night, President Obama gave his annual State of the Union address, with heavy emphasis on the state of the US economy. I thought it may be fitting for me to follow up tonight with “another important address” concerning the (financial) state of New City Church…

This afternoon, I emailed out a number of “Charitable Contributions Tax Reports” to our church members and outside donors who had given financially to New City Church in 2010. Guess how many reports I prepared for our Outside Donors this year? A grand total of 20! That means in 2010, we have received financial support from only 20 donors outside of New City.

Here is a breakdown of our 2010 donor base:

               20    Donors Outside of New City

                14    Existing Donors from 2009
                04    New Donors added in 2010
                02    Supporting Churches

I remember in our initial years of existence (2005-06), our number of donors was approaching 100, easily 4-5 times that of our present time. But as the year went by and as our journey was prolonged, our donor base shrank and began to run dry. Churches became less enthusiastic about our work, and it became increasingly difficult to locate new donors to replace the departing ones.

So how did we survive 2010? How did we get sufficient funds to support our family of 5?

First of all, we have the 20 faithful and generous donors / churches! I believe they not only gave (sacrificially) but also prayed earnestly for New City. Some of the givings we received in 2010 were not only timely but also heroic — far more than what we could dream and hope.

Secondly, many people at New City began to channel their tithes and offerings to my personal account. You see, at New City, we have two main accounts: (1) General Fund, (2) Support for Kin & Kathy. [We also have a Mission & Mercy Fund account.] In the past, I had encouraged our members to give towards the General Fund. Yet in 2010, many of them began to “split” their givings between the General Fund and my personal account.

Meanwhile, the church was using surpluses from the General Fund — thanks largely to a “very lean budget” and our rent-free worship facility in the local Chinese clinic — to pay for medical insurance premiums for Kathy and I. [Our children are covered under Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program for moderate income families.]

All in all, in 2010, brothers and sisters from New City contributed to roughly 1/3 of our financial needs in addition to shouldering the ever-increasing medical premiums for the two of us. We pray that, in 2011, the Lord will continue to grow our people’s hearts in Gospel generosity that they may take even greater joy in honoring God by way of tithes and offering.

While we will continue to have need for outside financial support, our greatest need remains in the area of prayer support. Therefore, I urge you to pray earnestly for us. Pray for brothers and sisters at New City Church to Know God. Pray that we would Love Him, and cherish the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond all things.

May the Lord richly bless you and your families in 2011!


– Kin & Kathy.

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