Sermon of the Year

Dear all,

This past Sunday (11/28), we celebrated Thanksgiving with a combined worship service. For the special occasion, I preached a sermon titled “Paul’s Secret of Thanksgiving” from the Letter to the Ephesians.

I began preparing for the sermon about a month ago, thinking that I would focus on Paul’s jubilant prayer in Ephesians 3:14-19. Soon, I realized that I could not do justice to the text without elaborating on Paul’s train of thoughts in Ephesians 1-3. I ended up preaching from the entire book, explaining the literary structure of Ephesians 1-6, before zooming in on Ephesians 1-3, eventually arriving at Paul’s two petitions in Ephesians 1:15-21 and 3:14-19.

When I finished preparing for the sermon on Saturday night, I knew this would be our “Sermon of the Year.”

By this, I do not necessarily mean that this is my best sermon of the year. In fact, for some, this may not even qualify to be a good sermon. But it is our “Sermon of the Year” because it really summarizes what we (as a church) have been learning through 2010 — a biblical and Gospel-centered blueprint for the Christian life! And hopefully, the sermon would also provide us with a solid foundation to move forward in 2011.

For what is worth, you can listen to the sermon online through the following link:

Be sure to follow the Sermon Notes in flash as I have over 150 slides to go with the sermon. I preached the sermon in Mandarin with English interpretation. [Doris did a great job! You will hear both of us, back and forth.] Once you click on the above link, you will have the option to select a “feed” from Doris’ microphone which would give you louder English and softer Chinese.

Wish you all a blessed start to December. 2010 is almost over. Consider Jesus as we approach Christmas.


– Kin.

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